The most important question you should ask yourself before you invest in a lip plumper is does your lip plumper work?

Now what is a lip plumper?
Lip plumper is a cosmetic product which when applied to the lips makes it appear fuller. It can be in the form of lip gloss or if it is a nude color you can apply lipstick over it. Just wait a few minutes for it to work on your lips and then wipe off with a tissue and apply lipstick as usual.

But what is the necessity of using it?
Some women are born with thin lips. Some have thin lips as they advance in age.
Age has its effect on lips………..As we advance in age lips lose collagen and become visibly thin. Dehydration or dry and chapping of lips also make the lips look thinner. But full lips are not only considered beautiful and alluring, they are also sign of youth and beauty.

So how do we make our lips look full, plump and beautiful?
There are many methods.
You can try using cosmetics like lip liner and lipstick to make your lips look fuller.

Or there is another method.
You can go for surgical lip enhancement.
And there is yet another method……….Easy, cheaper and non-evasive method…….

Use a good quality lip plumper.
How does a lip plumper work?
Well lip plumper as we have already mentioned is a safe alternative to costly and sometimes not so successful lip enhancement procedure like collagen injection or surgery. In surgery lip implants are inserted into lips to make them look fuller. This method can be permanent or temporary.
And various materials are used with different results for this.

The most popular are collagen and Restylane. But one never is sure of the result in case of implants and injections. This may require you to go for repeated procedure to correct the initial mishap. It is rare to find the desirable result in the surgical lip plumping technique.
But lip plumper on the other hand can give you fuller, shinier and full moist lips within minutes and you are ready for that special occasion or party without a visit to the doctor.
Surgical lip enhancement can land you in deep health problem if your body rejects the implant.

Now let us see how a lip plumper works………….
1. Different lip plumper products work by irritating the skin of the lips with ingredients like menthol, camphor, Cinnamon leaf essential oils etc. This cause temporary redness and swelling - which is supposed to last 3-4 hours.
2. They make blood vessel dilate, increasing the blood flow to the lips.
3. They contain ingredients that reduce lip lines and nourish the delicate skin of the lip.
4. They fill in cracks and fine lines on the lips.
5. They enhance the natural collagen in the lips which is essential for fuller lips.
6. Some of the lip plumping products is in the gloss form which reflects light and makes the lips look additionally full.

Now let us see what does a lip plumper has as its ingredients.
Some of the reputed brands like Cushy Lips contain macadamia oil, vitamin B-12, menthol, camphor, vitamin-E etc. But what is important to keep in mind is that all products don’t give the same results.

The ingredients in lip plumper that cause increased blood flow beneath the surface of the lips and cause the lips to become plump differ from product to product.
And hence they differ in their efficacy.
Lip Plumper That Works

So now we come to the point how to choose a lip plumper that really works.
The first step is to look for product reviews. You may have to try different products before you find the one that works best for you. Ask for before and after photographs if available. Go for free trials if available. Ask someone who has already used a product with desired results.
Some of them have money back guarantee option if you are not satisfied with the result.How to apply a Lip Plumper

Now how do we apply a lip plumper?
The way to apply a lip plumper depends on the way the product is packaged. If it is in a tube, a wand applicator is usually attached to the inside the cap. But when the lip plumper comes in a small pot you need to apply it with your fingers or a lip brush.
You can use direct application when it comes in a roller ball. The effect of lip plumper is temporary.
So you need to apply it 2 or 3 times a day (or as directed in the product) to maintain the plump look.
Some lip plumper require you to first exfoliate your lips and then apply the plumper for effective result.
So go through the instructions first before you apply the plumper.
Be sure to apply the lip plumper within the lip lines.If there is any excess that bleeds outside your lip line carefully wipe it off with a tissue.

What Does A Good Lip Plumper Do For Your Lips
1.A good lip plumper is supposed to nourish and make your lips look beautiful.
2.It should of course plump your lips the way you desire it.
3.Make your lips soft and luscious.
4.It should be cost effective and deliver the result it is supposed to.
Natural Lip Plumper

There is some natural lip plumper that you can try to use with considerable good results if so inclined.
Macadamia oil is one of these. In fact some lip plumper has it as one of the ingredients.
Some use castor oil.
Another one is vitamin B-12. It is essential for forming and maintaining healthy blood cells.
Vitamin-E when applied locally penetrates the lip’s outer skin layer and stimulates the growth of new cells and replaces old cells with healthy new cells and hence increases skin elasticity and firmness. This makes the lip appear plumper.
Another home remedy is to apply peppermint extract.
Just put a little on your lips with your finger tips.
Yet another technique is to add a few drops of Cinnamon leaf oil to your regular lip gloss.
But be careful……..Never apply undiluted essential oils to your bare skin.
Always do spot testing for skin reaction before you actually apply it to your lips.
It will tingle and irritate your delicate lip skin and that is what causes the lip plumping effect.
Keeping the lips hydrated is the most natural way to plump the lips.
There are lip plumping devices also available.It is a small device that gently sucks your lips outward pulling fluids to the lip and thus giving you plump lips for a few hours without the hassle of numbing of lips that some lip plumper may cause.They are inexpensive and one time investment and chemical and irritant free.
But if you don’t want to be adventurous with natural plumper, you can go for many reputed and tested ones available in the market.
So why not go for a lip plumper that works best for you.

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