Now, everyone of us faces ageing at some point in life. Some are worried about their health state, others want their bodies to keep their youth and some might want to know what aging is really about sciencewise. Anti aging treatments come in many different forms from products to plastic surgery but we aim to cover them all and also provide anit aging care tips and advice along the way.

How well will you age?

Watching the years go by? That's not a very big problem for you, is it? Read our six tricks guide for a bright and young look. Only by taking care of the things below you’ll manage to remain ahead of your age!
The aging process begins when you’re 20-30 years old, which is when you need to start to take into consideration the factors which can affect your body’s balance:

1. Use UV screening cosmetic products
If you protect your skin from the sun’s rays only in the summer, when you’re sunbathing, you must know that this singular habit isn’t an effective barrier against wrinkles. Sun exposure is the main factor of skin aging. Some experts actually estimate that about 80% of aging is due to sun effects. Even more, sun exposure can cause skin cancer after the age of 50. Protection must be adapted depending on each type of skin. People with very light skin color need to use UV screening creams all year round. If you’re using these kind of products daily there’s a chance that your skin will have less wrinkles or sun-caused spots.

2. Eat fruits, vegetables and fish every day
Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and you’ll do your skin a very big favor! Lacking vitamins is the next major cause of body deterioration. You must pay attention to your meals more often, by that meaning you have to supply it with antioxidants (vitamins A, E, C and selenium), zinc and copper. You need a daily quantity of 60 miligrams of C vitamin (about as much as an orange has). It is recommended to give up sweets, meat and fat-rich food. Don’t forget breakfast! It’s well known that even a piece of bread and butter or some cereals with milk will help your digestive system deal with the food more efficiently. Besides that, it also make you less hungry between the meals.

3. Drink more liquids!
Correct body hydration helps keep your skin young. Drink natural juices as much as possible, mineral water and tea. Avoid consuming too much black tea and coffee. In the summer your body will need up to 6 liters of fluids while in the cold season 1.5-2 liters will do the job.

4. Give up smoking
Both nicotine and alcohol “steal” the skin’s vitamins and minerals thus leaving it dehydrated and exposed to wrinkle conditions. Smoking should be definitely forbidden because it directly affects the skin, large part of the toxins being eliminated through it. These factors contribute to the whole body aging, also increasing the risks of cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis. Alcohol in moderate quantities isn’t as harmful as tobacco is, unless there’s strict recommendation against it from your doctor.

5. Take it easy!
It has been proven that chronic stress increases the aging process' speed. Don’t forget the 3 eights rule: have 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of relaxation each day. It sounds impossible, right? Try yoga, meditation, massage or aromatherapy. You can use oils that create a peaceful sensation such as lavender. Can't get enough sleep? You should try harder, otherwise your efficiency at work will suffer, you’ll do a lot of mistakes and you'll get old quicker. Try harder to spend quality time with your friends, in a relaxing environment. Laughter has its benefits!

6. Use quality makeup
If the cosmetic products you’re using are carefully picked, they are specific to your skin type and you don'’t "forget" to remove your makeup every night, they won't harm your body. Instead, quality makeup protects the skin from harmful actions of the surrounding environment.

All of us wish to postpone our grey days .But one day we will reach old age whether we like it or not. But even in our old age also we can flaunt young look. This possible by following certain important steps regularly.

Tips For Anti Aging

Anti Aging Secrets

Anti Aging tips helps us to know what the effective ways to slow down aging process are. Who likes graying and reducing hairline, wrinkled face, protruded belly and above all flawed memory? We all want to look young and feel energetic all the time. Aging cannot be stopped but it can be delayed by following healthy lifestyle.There are ancient therapies and modern treatments that effectively reduce the effects of aging. Before knowing anti aging tips for healthy skin care we need to understand and accept the fact that:
Aging is a natural process
It is a continuous process
It increases with time
It cannot be stopped but can be slowed down We try to slow down aging by following certain lifestyle, behavior, treatment, medicine, surgery and therapy.

Tips For Anti Aging
Intake of Anti Aging Herbs Herbs like Ginseng, Rhodiola, Maca have active ingredients that directly/ indirectly suppress aging. There main properties are:
They boost our energy level and acts as anti stress.
They strengthen our internal system and increase our resistance power
They are natural and safe to use and do not have adverse side effects compared to chemical based medicines.

Yoga And Meditation
Practiced in ancient India and Asia they are gaining huge followers in the west. Few benefits of yoga and meditation are:
Meditation is excellent for mind and practicing it releases stress.
Meditation increases concentration. Yoga is a combination of breathing and body postures that increases blood circulation.
Yoga strengthens muscles and regulates the flow of oxygen in our system.
Yoga has long-term effect and should be practiced regularly.
Yoga keeps your body fit and energy level high thus suppressing aging.
Yoga helps in maintaining weight by burning fat and increases metabolic rate to certain extent. It involves no external application or intake of any medicine. It is the most simple and natural way to stay fit physically and mentally

Exercising regularly keeps you slim and fit. Today doctors recommend regular exercising to make you fit and healthy.and to keep your health insurance premiums low. Benefits of exercises are:
It increases your cardiovascular capability and hence you feel more active.
Staying slim is one of the key factors to look young.
Exercising tones your muscles and they do not sag early. It burns your extra flab and prevents bone loss.
It helps to fight high blood pressure, cholesterol and gives you good sleep. Exercising hence will keep you slim, fit, stress free, and thus reducing your aging process.

Natural Skin Care
Regular cleansing is very important to keep our skin free from dirt and dead cells. Natural products are soft on skin and they do not harm our skin. Few Benefits of natural skin care are:
Cleaning our skin with natural scrubs free us from dead cells and adds a glow to our skin.
Proper toning and moisturizing using natural toner and cream keeps the skin soft and clean.
The cleaning regimen followed dedicatedly, is an anti aging process in itself. It is very important to keep our skin clean from pollution, harmful UV rays and other external impurities.

Restricted Diet
What we eat is what we gain on our body. Obesity is one of the most prevalent diseases the world is fighting. We need food to extract energy for our survival.Some benefits of proper diets are:
Restricted Diet provides you with what body actually needs and keeps extra calorie away.
Low calorie diet with a balance of all nutrients is the ideal menu for all.
Starving or over eating should be avoided. Going for crash diets and binges are fatal for life and may lead to depression. Hence eating what your body requires needs proper diet planning.
Taking raw food rich in vitamins and minerals acts as rich source of anti aging agents.

Oral Supplements
No matter how efficiently and carefully we eat, at times we all have lows in body vitamins and minerals. The main reasons to take oral supplements are:
In elderly age the food intake decreases and hence the sufficient proportion of vitamins and minerals do not reach in body.
Certain food restriction also lowers the intake of vitamins and minerals from natural source. This is the time when oral supplements come into picture. Multi Vitamin supplements are given during pregnancy, illness and in chronic diseases and for anti aging. Vitamins are responsible for maintenance of our body they are effective anti oxidant and anti aging agents.
Anti Oxidants
Anti oxidant is a substance that protects body from the ill effects of oxidation. Vitamin E, C and A have strong anti oxidant properties. Some benefits of Anti Oxidants are:
Extra amounts of free radical in anti oxidants controls compounds such as Lipoic acid and help slow aging.
Anti Oxidants reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Hormones (HRT)
Hormones are strong chemicals produced from cholesterol, amino acids and proteins from endocrine glands. They work as a messenger between our brains to body organs. Hormone Replacement Therapy adjusts the body to aging.Few benefits of HRT are
It improves skin and body moisture.
Increases sexual drive rejuvenates brain. Hence, the person feels young and energetic. HRT should be taken strictly under the supervision of specialized medical practitioner.

Best Information on Anti Aging Secrets

There are few other ways to maintain your youth which are a part of the anti aging secrets that is to be strictly followed

Avoiding Alcohol and CigarettesWe all are aware of the ill effects of smoking and drinking alcohol. The main side effects of Cigarettes and Alcohol are

Each cigarette reduces our life by 11 minutes.
Research suggests people who smoke and drink have premature aging symptoms like graying hair, wrinkles and loose skin.
Cigarettes and Alcohol increases the risk of gaining weight and other chronic disease like cancer.Avoiding them keeps the body fit and healthy and slows down aging process.

Avoid StressIf you are stressed it shows on your body and mind. The main effects of stress are
Prolonged stress makes you look older than your age.
Stress leads to cardiovascular diseases and ailments like high blood pressure, high sugar level and high cholesterol.
The more you can keep stress at distance the more fit, energetic and youthful you will feel.
De-StressIt is very essential to de-stress our self once in a while. Some tips for De-Stressing are:
Indulge in an activity that makes us happy.
Listening to music, going out, talking to friends or relatives anything that will make you happy After all we all need a break from our daily life and spice it up with other activities.

Weight Loss

Slim is in and Fat is out. No one wants to be over weight and get the ill effects of the same. An obese person is more likely to develop diseases than a fit person. A person who is over weight looks prematurely old. Benefits of weight loss are:
Losing weight by proper diet and exercise will make the person look young, fit and energetic. It adds up dollops of confidence in the person
It reduces the risk of high blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and other health risks.

Alternative Medicines

Gaining huge popularity, they are considered to be natural, safe and effective. The treatment is a mix of natural medicines and therapies. The main properties of them are:
The treatment uses dietary manipulation.
Herbs, vitamins and minerals, homeopathy, detoxification, ozone therapy, and natural hormonal replacement treatments are used in order to optimize the body's innate ability to heal itself. Hence the overall effect is anti aging, refreshing and fitness enhancing.

Avoiding Caffeine

Caffeine is anti nutrient and hence should be avoided. It leads to temporary relief but has many side effects like:
Causes lack of sleep, stress.
Dilates blood vessels if taken in large quantities. More than that a habit smoking is an addiction. It affects skin, hair and tooth and hence intake should be reduced gradually.

Aspirin the Magic Pil

lAspirin is known as magical pill. It has the magical property to work fast on blood platelets thereby reducing heart risks. It relaxes the flow of blood in muscles and reduces clumps.

Green Tea

Green tea is a strong antioxidant. Research proved that taking green tea is helpful in fighting cancer, arthritis, tooth decay and other chronic illness. Green tea has less caffeine than coffee and hence can be used as a healthy substitute. It contains catechins, which fights viruses and slows aging. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant found in green tea, is said to be 100 more times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times more effective than vitamin E at protecting cells.

Active Lifestyle

Active lifestyle means a better cardio, fast metabolic rate and faster burning of calories. Fit is fast, and effective. No one will ever suggest you to be a couch potato. One does not have to be sporty for an active life just adding a little bit more effort on your physical activity will work as an anti aging formula for you. Walking is one of the simplest options to make your self more active and required no great effort.


It is an old saying “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. Laughter not only just makes us feel happy it has more underlying effects. It increases our blood circulation. Maximum muscles of our face are stretched when we smile. Laughing has been added in various yoga and meditation as a natural healing exercise.

Social Connections

Research suggests that most of the families in USA die in solitude amidst unknown doctors or nurses. We all want to age gracefully and not neglected by our family. It is very important to meet people, as socializing is very rejuvenating. Sharing thoughts, discussing problems and smiling together lower our stress. It makes us more health conscious.


Chocolates have active properties that slow aging. Flavonoids present in chocolate have anti oxidant property. Dark chocolate retain the highest level of flavonoids. The anti oxidants present in them are anti aging agents.
Getting a PetTouch therapy is said to be very effective in relaxing and making one feel stress free. Keeping a pet in a house is a good option to practice touch therapy. Pets are caring and giving. Pets bring out the child in you and playing with them can be very refreshing. The tips for anti aging are sure to work on you. They are simple to follow and you can see the difference as soon as yo
u start following them.

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